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LinkedIn Professional Branding 2017

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March 18, 2018 2427 Views Comments

About this deal

In this book you will learn:

* How to find the specific skills and keywords recruiters and hiring managers will be searching for that you normally only get by being a premium member for FREE! Saving you $360 per year!

* Find out how well you rank compared to your peers without joining a premium

* How to NEVER to settle for a job you hate again

* Why you should use LinkedIn

* What 5 questions every employer wants to be answered before they hire you

* How to beat 75% of the competition on LinkedIn

* What are the two most important things on LinkedIn and how to make them work for you

* How to instantly look trustworthy and competent

* Background pictures that send the right message and where to find one

* The most convincing thing you’re probably not putting into your experience section

LinkedIn is disrupting how people are hired, are you prepared to take advantage of these changes? Job hunting skills can literally be worth millions of dollars over a lifetime, shouldn’t you invest some time on your most valuable skill set?

Provided by James Schmidli
James Schmidli is a passionate writer and tech savvy that is very close to the IT ecosystem and environment.

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