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About Mochideals - Top Web Resource of Premium Deals

Who We Are

Every story has a beginning. We are Sven-Goran and Dan. And it started in 2010 when we met at the University at a workshop for Modern Art Division. Since then, we graduated, we worked on an International Business Development Program, traveled (separately) to 20 countries, belt 2 startups (together) and sold both, then traveled another 20 countries (partially together).

Since 2013 we are in the startup ecosystem. We build, advise and mentor startups in early stages how to grow and expand their businesses. We assisted several companies to grow from grassroots to exits in less than 24 months.


How Mochideals Appeared?

On this journey, while working on our own projects and our client’s as well, we felt a strident necessity for high-quality content, name it an eye-candy font, or a useful plugin for your website and presentation, or some breathtaking background images for the articles you write or post on your blog. Even some high-end WordPress Templates that will refresh your website’s look and feel after years, or, some serious well-known eBooks, or totally underrated works that definitely deserves more attention from readers, etc, etc.

It took us a lot of time to find such content on lots and lots of various websites, forums, blogs, articles. It is hard work, will a lot of patience and style. The Internet is huge, but to find exactly what you need is still difficult though. For this reason, we thought that having a platform that will unite all these categories and its digital products (or goodies, if you want) under one roof is what most creative and professionals, web agencies, media agencies, freelancers are missing.

Therefore we launched Mochideals, at the beginning of our internal needs, sharing the resource with a network, partners, and clients, and then it expanded quickly to a huge community of 115000 folks.

At the beginning of 2018, we fully changed our design and added a totally new set of products and services to our website, as we decided to keep only the up to date offers, and, we are periodically removing some, as they (sadly) do not represent the same value as some time ago, however, are adding constantly new ones. For this reason, you get always only the fresh goodies.

What is so Special about Mochideals?

4 important aspects:

  • We are not only bringing to our community superb, high-end and useful products and services
  • But also give them at a fraction of price, up to 95% discounted, for a very limited time, to give the chance to anyone to finally use them and grow their businesses or education
  • And third, we give a chance to creators and publishers, to get a lot of exposure but presenting their products or services to a huge community. So that they get known and continue creating the great things they started
  • To mention also a huge load of free stuff we are giving away constantly. You save the precious time on searching for what you need, just by browsing Mochideals

Why is it Good?

You no longer need to lose precious time searching the whole internet for your favorite font or set of icons, WP Themes, Tools, Presentations, eBooks, Cutout images, Background images, etc, etc, which takes a lot of time, effort and energy. We focus only on high-end and premium content. That is why only 1 out of 7 publishers are accepted to be posted on Mochideals. You save literally time and money with Mochideals. Which we know, can help you in your business and life, for sure. That is a promise.

Our Message

Do what you enjoy the most, do it well and contribute. Make the Internet a better place and expand yourself, both in professional life and personal life, and Mochideals will help you with that.

And as we say “Thank me very mochi” 🙂

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