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About Mochideals - Top Web Resource of Premium Deals

Who We Are

Every story has a beginning. Behind this project, it’s only me Dan. I have started this project while I was just a student, and was really amazed about how the web industry works.  While attending a startup conference, I came with the idea of starting my own, and slowly growing it by providing unique and at the same time low-cost digital goods to others. 

Since sharing is caring, I considered that giving away good stuff for free will help everybody with discovering and creating high-quality content, products, designs, and everything in between.


How Mochideals Appeared?

So I decided to pursue my dream and follow the advice and techniques learned from the startup conference I attended. With basic knowledge, good intuition, and hope the Mochideals was created as a simple website with free or almost free good stuff that started to grow more and more.

What is so Special about Mochideals?

As mentioned previously, Mochideals is less about the big business and more about a community of good people who provide and acquire digital goods. 

You can always find the necessary support by replying to the newsletter you get, or simply writing an email to me. I will do everything to assist you and provide an effective solution to issues, including technical.

Our Message

Do what you enjoy the most, do it well and contribute. Make the Internet a better place and expand yourself, both in professional life and personal life, and Mochideals will help you with that.

And as we say “Thank me very mochi” 🙂

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