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How To Make Money Blogging: How I Replaced My Day – Job With My Blog and How You Can Start A Blog Today

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March 31, 2017 1794 Views Comments

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Bob Lotich founded back in 2007 and after getting laid off in 2008 he took the leap into full-time blogging. Less than a year later he was earning more from his blog than his previous day-job.

While his results are not typical, this book covers all the steps he took to make money from his blog over that two-year period.

For whom is this book is written for:

* Those who want to get started blogging

* Those who are already blogging but aren’t making as much money as they’d like to.

Who this book is NOT written for:

* People looking for a get-rich-quick system that requires little effort.

* Experienced bloggers making over $1000/m (though the book will still probably be helpful, it isn’t written to this audience)

Some of the topics covered in the book:

* 4 Steps to Start Blogging in 10 minutes

* Blogging Basics

* How to setup a Self-Hosted Blog

* The importance of a Customizable WordPress theme

* 3 primary ways to earn from your blog

* How long does it take to make money from your blog?

* How to get traffic to your blog

* SEO Tips for bloggers

* How I increased Adsense earnings $1500/m in less than 3 months

* 10 helpful tools that made it all possible

Provided by Bob
Bob used his passion for personal finance to launch his award-winning blog,, back in 2007. His writing and advice has been featured in Men's Health Magazine, Real Simple Magazine, Yahoo Finance, Forbes, and many others.

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