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295 Nature Stock Images That Will Make You Blush, For Free

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April 10, 2018 4627 Views Comments

About this deal

Hey there! if you are one of us – that loves nature and Hi-Q stock images than this bundle is what you need. Express yourself better with this ultimate collection of nature-related stock images, provided by fancycrave for free. These stock images can be yours forever, and help you create what you’ve always desired to.

The collection includes:

35 Pictures of rain and nature – Not all people appreciate rainy days though, but it’s important to realize that the planet we live in needs rain as much as it needs the sunshine

40 Stock photos of Horses – Horses are fascinating creatures. Regardless if you know how to ride one or not, you can always find interesting things about them.

40 Free Public Domain Palm Tree Photos – When people think of palm trees, images of sandy beaches and sunny skies emerge. This is unsurprising because a palm tree is one of the quintessential images of a tropical paradise. But more than the thoughts of piña colada and blue waves, palm trees are a lot more significant than you may think.

100 Free Stock Pictures of Flowers – Do you see that twinkle in anybody’s eye when they receive flowers? That alone demonstrates the immediate effect that flowers have on one’s mood. The research done showed that it didn’t even matter what age group people belong to.

50 Free Cherry Blossom Photos – There’s something about cherry blossoms that can make a person smile, tear up, or even both. Its beauty brings a sense of calm, perhaps because the tree’s soft, fluttery blossoms signal the arrival of spring.

30 Free Public Domain Photos of Typewriters – The typewriter. It’s one of those things that can easily evoke a sense of nostalgia. With high-tech gadgets and gizmos here and there, not a lot of people use typewriters these days. But there was a period not long ago when they were the hottest trend

Get this unique bundle of stock images for free. Mochi loves to make people happy, so, we guess, you love Mochi.

Photographs are provided free of charge and under the Creative Commons Public Domain CC0 license.
You agree never to advertise the photograph(s) as your own work or portray yourself as the author of said work.

Provided by Fancy Crave
Igor Ovsyannykov started Fancycrave 3 years ago, completely from scratch. It all started in February 2015 when he decided to start giving away 2 free photos from his travels around Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Laos, and Japan. The goal was to help fellow designers, small businesses, students, bloggers, and online marketers who want to convey their message in style.

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