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120+ Fresh & Free Fonts

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February 3, 2019 895331 Views Comments



We just got a new hot deal for you, and for sure you’ll love it. The bird from the box brings more than 120 unique, stylish and brand new fonts. This pack include 3 types of fonts to help you achieve better results in different ways:

Dirty fonts are fit for street projects, urban design, non-formal and unusual projects. For this purpose we have dedicated over 60 hand-picked, new and fresh fonts. They all come with .ttf .otf file extension.

Handwritten fonts suit best literal art, creative and beauty-drawn descriptions, elegant texts but as well offer a different way of expression and another point of view to the text. Fonts are as well available with .ttf .otf file extension. There are over 30 handwritten fonts inside this free deal.

Sans Serif Family fonts  from this bundle are special, as you might never met them before. They go for generally all types of projects but you can always be creative and put to use, several or even all 30+ fonts in great and unique projects.



  • All Fonts are unique and can be downloaded exclusively from
  • The pack includes more than 120 Fonts
  • All fonts are divided in three types: Dirty, Handwritten & Sans Serif
  • All fonts are with .ttf or .otf extension
  • The deal itself is FREE but as well all fonts are Free to use for personal and commercial purposes


Preview for Dirty: 

Preview for Handwritten: 

Preview for Sans Serif: 

Pricing: This bundle would usually cost $29, but for a limited time, only on Mochideals you can grab it for Free. That’s 100% saving and +$29 in your pocket.

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