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Unbelievable Misterious collection of Free Stock Images: For those with a Brave Heart

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March 21, 2017 2158 Views Comments

About this deal

How would you imagine the post-apocalyptical world? Do abandoned places find room in your imagination? What about mad, scary people, with foggy weather and creative depression mood? If this is what you imagined, then, Brendon Burton comes with a free bundle of stock images, called Wester Gothic that, surprisingly or not, will make you happy. Some images from his collection look like Chernobyl in the west, others like Supernatural cutscenes. It’s a perfect combination of images that suggest you make yourself cozy, in a rainy weather and start working on your projects, but not before you hit the Download. Remember – It’s for free.

If you are viewing this deal and consider it as we do – a great gift from heaven(just joking), then this is who we think you probably are:

  • A thriller lover, that adores the fresh fog and the mysteries of hidden woods
  • A vampire addicted person that enjoys blood, and burn-the-witch medieval stuff
  • A dark-mystic-postapocalyptic type of person that gets pleasure from this type of images
  • A meme-maker seeking  inspiration
  • Or just a regular visitor, that simply loves Mochi just the way we are (More than Bruno Mars, obviously)

Keep in mind that we are just assuming facts about people, and do not want to categorize you as a specific type of person: We from Mochi, love you all and care about your tastes in terms of Stock Images, WordPress Themes, Icons, Fonts, eBooks, and all the other stuff we provide you on our website. Mochi is designated to help you in business and life 🙂

Brendon Burton, mentioned as 'author' has all legal rights over files included in the download file. Please double check the Terms and Services before using, sharing, distributing the files included. You can contact the author

Provided by Brendon Burton
Brendon Burton (b.1994) is an American visual artist based in Portland, Oregon. Brendon spent his childhood on a farm in an isolated community where he developed his distinct style and interest in vacant and decaying places. His work focuses on studying the side effects of cultural isolation and the concept of liminal space. Get in touch:

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