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Ultra Design Bundle 6 in 1

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May 13, 2020 872 Views Comments


Now with all this situation, we consider you all need a Support Pack for all projects for a symbolic price. This is why we decided to talk with deal providers and send you one amazing bundle that weights ~ 6 gigs.  The ultra bundle – the way we call it, consists of 6 different bundles, some of the biggest and most popular bundles we ever had on MochiDeals.

It is stuffed with Overlays, Backgrounds, Stock Images, Mockups, Logos, and Fonts. You will get all these premium design resources to handle existing projects or to create new projects to attract new customers in these hard times. Don’t forget to spread the word though, as its a limited time offer, 5 days to be more precise.

We think this is one of the things we can do to make your work easier and more productive. Soon we will release a similar bundle, as we are negotiating with other vendors to have such a deal. Now let’s take a look inside


  • The Ultra Design Bundle is available only on Mochideals
  • Includes 6 popular deals from Mochideals:
    • 190+ Overlays
    • 900+ Stock Images
    • 590+Fonts and Font Families
    • Dark Branding Mockup Bundle
    • Geometrical Concept Logo Bund;e
    • “Connections” Backgrounds Bundle
    • Modern Device Mockup Bundle
  • Approximately 6 Gigabytes of  Resources
  • Fast & Organized Download (Download them one by one from G Drive with better speed)
  • Available for a limited time
  • Can be used for both personal and commercial purposes
  • Provided by: Multiple Authors


Provided by Multiple Owners

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