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May the App Force Be With You – 50 Lessons from 30 App Masters

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February 10, 2018 17057 Views Comments

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It’s all about app marketing nowadays, isn’t it? Well, to your knowledge, we from Mochi, found a unique way about how to learn about app marketing – why, when how to use it and everything else in more than 50 lessons from 30 experts, that are ready to share their experience and tell you the secrets that have never been told.

We are talking here about AppGrowthLab – An easy to follow app marketing course, 100%free, that promises to send weekly app growth lessons handcrafted by app marketing pros from Split Metrics, App Flyer, Buffer, Rovio, Google, Chartboost and other companies. Explore the world of app marketing together with them, absolutely free of charge. is not the direct provider of services, files and other related stuff related to this good. offers the link and direct access to the mentioned services in this article that are provided by the rightholder of this/these services. Please double check on the rightholder website Terms of Use, End User Licese Agreement and other legal stuff before you take any actions towards the services, rightholder, files and all that it was mentioned in the article. cannot grant the "Free" status of any of the mentioned services, as we do not hold any rights over the services, files, and so on mentioned in the article. More information about the legal terms of this particular deal can be found on:

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An easy to follow app marketing course. 55 lessons from 30 experts

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