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Interactive Infographics And Attractive Presentations: VISME

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March 22, 2017 2138 Views Comments

About this deal

Create Interactive Online Presentations, Infographics, animations and banners in HTML 5 with an extra easy, super efficient and free tool from Visme
Visme is the most efficient way to represent visual stories in the format of presentations, infographics, and other visual content.
Visme is perfect for Students, teachers, non-profit organizations, but also for corporations, businessmen and everybody else who is searching for a creative and brilliant graphic representation.

Most of the times there has to be a strong tide between your visual content and what you speak in order to be appreciated as you deserve and make a good impression on the audience. So generally there are people that are not good at creating charts, infographics and so on, and people that are not best at public speaking, or at least have a bad day. Well, there is always a solution for both, but none of those is better than Visme. Let the visual content move and speak for you, in a way you never thought, because Visme is a one-image-for-a-thousand-words tool, that works fantastic in different fields of activity.
Think about how cool it is to display your information in an eye-catching mode and get all the attention you deserve by using this amazing tool. With Visme, you don’t have to be an expert in order to look like one, because it’s really easy to use and present your work in a creative and cool style.

What you can get from Visme for free:

  • 3 projects per month
  • 100MB storage
  • Download your work in JPG or PNG
  • Charts, Widgets, Templates
  • Public Projects
  • Access to millions of hi-res images within your account
  • Media manager
  • Presentation notes

All these are totally free and forever yours – You can use this as long as you want.
Sounds interesting, right?! Well, don’t waste time, access this great tool right away! is not the direct provider of services, files and other related stuff related to this good. offers the link and direct access to the mentioned services in this article that are provided by the rightholder of this/these services. Please double check on the rightholder website Terms of Use, End User Licese Agreement and other legal stuff before you take any actions towards the services, rightholder, files and all that it was mentioned in the article. cannot grant the "Free" status of any of the mentioned services, as we do not hold any rights over the services, files, and so on mentioned in the article. More information about the legal terms of this particular deal can be found on:

Provided by Visme
We are a passionate motivated crew with a mission to allow anyone to create and communicate data visually with no design experience.

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