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Huge Font Collection: 427 Amazing, Beautiful & Unique Fonts, for Free

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February 18, 2018 1318 Views Comments

About this deal

Diversity is the word to describe this bundle of 427 fonts from Chequered Ink. It’s a huge pack of fonts where you can choose what you want now, and what to leave for the other days.

There is never enough fonts, each project is unique and needs to be customized in its own way, so, here you go – a cocktail with all kind of shapes and curves, with different lines that make the impossible – possible.

Now, these fonts are not only a lot, but creative and stylish as well, and when it comes to fonts, Chequered Ink is a big name on the market. So just to make sure you got it all clear: we’re talking about huge numbers of high quality for free, and as well, this collection is unique, made for people who love to see the beauty when they type, describe, show, create, improvise and most of all express the way they feel, because, yeah – there is always a font in this bundle to describe your feelings.

Just in case you are wondering why you should download this bundle – the answer is simple – it’s a handpicked one, each font was selected to make the diversity perfect for your use.

And what you see it’s not all, is just a part of what you get, so, don’t think too much about it – just take it home and make it yours.

Provided by Chequered-Ink
Chequered Ink is a design studio founded in Bath, UK, in 2015. We make games, software, fonts, eBooks and all sorts of other cool digital stuff.

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