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Grab It While You Can: A Collection of 900+ Fine & Stylish Icons for Free

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April 25, 2018 2454 Views Comments

We are now in 2018 and all icons you can get on the internet are so outdated. There are few that really impress, and provide the image of the 21st century – the era of technology and minimalism, of beautiful and at the same time simple little things that bring you joy, attract and make you feel at home. So, one of many other things that unite us together, at this particular moment is this free and gorgeous icon bundle that meets all your needs and requirements and is above all of our expectations

These 900+ Icons are related to all topics in the universe: Brands, Logos, Tools, Media, Marketing, Money, Numbers, Family, Users,  and a lot of other things we do or not meet every day, but for sure you’ll need them. All of them look so cool, that can transform an antique shop into an IT Park.  As you’ve read before, it’s an absolutely unique and futuristic collection of icons.

Even though we know you’ll love them more than you love us, and taking the risk to get jealous on this bundle, we want to show some details of this bundle, so you’ll get full satisfaction from what you read, see, download and use:

  • 967 icons out of which 753 PNG and 214 SVG
  • All in the Nolan Style
  • All Bundled Up – that means time-saving
  • All for Free – that means money saving
  • All of them classified by name – that’s again time-saving
  • All are download-ready – one more time, time-saving ( well that’s so nice of us, actually)
  • No clickbait, no scam, no viruses – only good stuff, useful, and helpful – that’s safety
  • All of them available on Mochi – That’s Love <3

This super bundle is multipurpose – it can be used by anyone anywhere, for anything, so, if you just trying to play with icons, or you are in a relationship with your project(s), these icons can help you pull out the best of both of you. But let me answer you to a simple question:

If you are viewing this deal, this is who we think you are:

  • An amazing Graphic Designer that likes working with Premium Materials &Customers
  • A Freelancer that seeks Fame&Glory and is tired of playing around with small projects
  • A desperate news website that wants to know where and how we got these Icons
  • A marketing expert working for a company that wants to rebrand
  • All of those mentioned above altogether, that just got a notification about Mochi and like our cool & free stuff, and you are probably still reading this while your competition downloaded everything they could from our website.

If you are still not sure about this deal, well let me tell you that: It’s a $119 worth deal that you will get it for free, and you never get this kind of icons at this miserable price for free

Other details for icon eaters, license lovers, and peanut butter allergics: All of these icons can be used both in non-commercial and commercial purposes, all of them are free of charge, the icons are provided by icon8.

The icons are free for personal use and also free for commercial use. The icons are released under the license called Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported. More information about this type of license can be found on

Provided by icons8
There are many icon websites that publish freebies created by a bunch of different artists whereas we produce all our icons in-house. And we draw a lot: creating a few dozen icons might not be a big deal but thousands of icons took us 5 years of daily work.

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