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Deliberate Confusion Behind the Stock Market & the Rise of the Independent Investor

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March 10, 2018 13441 Views Comments

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Investing is really difficult and confusing; you need a good investment manager if you’re going to make the best returns.” At least that’s what we’re all supposed to believe.

In reality, independent investors are making great returns on their investments every day. They are selecting solid opportunities, receiving substantial dividends and saving a fortune in fees. Their secret? Realising that the most confusing barrier to the best returns is confusion itself.

Check out any investment arm of any bank and the language alone can make your head spin. Without a degree in financial jargon, how can we hope to wade through the multitudinous opportunities to find good investments that pay the returns we want? Should we invest in stocks or bonds? Which companies offer the best returns for minimal risk? What’s algorithmic trading? A shadow bank?

Surely it’s best to use an investment adviser, someone who understands and can translate for us? Isn’t that the smart thing to do?

Provided by Stride
Stride is an influent writer within the investment field, banking, ICO and Stock Market. His works are being read constantly on the most popular online resources.

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