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A 5 Font Bundle You Will Always Need, Take It

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March 17, 2018 2953 Views Comments

About this deal

Take your text style to the next level and discover new ways to improve and give your website a good-looking image that may stun the audience and attract new visitors with this free font bundle. It’s a collection of unique fonts that will make you want more and more to use them.

So, we have here:

Pacifica – is an original font that was created by and can help you express creatively whenever you need.

The Braton Composer – is a vintage font that is plump, looks fat, strong, heavy but still elegant and unique. “Braton Composer typeface” falls into the bold serif font category, but it also has italic options. This impression is perfect for design that has a firm and elegant concept.

Air America – Air America is a font originally designed by William G. Sherman and based on the Air America logo.

Selawik is an OpenSource, metrics-compatible, Segoe UI replacement font available on GitHub.

Infinity Gauntlet – is a fan-font inspired by two comics from Marvel, Infinity War, and Infinity Gauntlet. It’s fresh and it was created by JK Typefaces


These 5 unique fonts represent the perfect combination of fonts for those that:

  • Like the “American Typing style”
  • Are searching for inspiration
  • Want to make their content look catchy and stylish at the same time
  • Don’t make wrong choices, useless spendings, and bad timing.Make sure you have them in your font collection and make use of them in moments when you are seeking for inspiration.

Each of the mentioned publishers has its own terms and services. We selected some of the best authors and tier FREE products related to the topic. Each WordPress Theme belongs and is the property of the authors that have been given credits to in this list. Please double check the Terms and Services before using, sharing, distributing the files included. The Authors of these files have full rights over the product they own. Note that some authors may have more than one article included in the main download file. However, this is digital good free to download

Provided by Multiple Owners
Saja Typeworks,, JK-Typeface, Alit Design

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