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75 Premium Abstract & Gradient Backgrounds for Your Projects

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September 16, 2019 2792 Views Comments


Do you think the time has come for a large portion of Premium Backgrounds  – Abstract & Gradient?  Well, we think it is too! Today, we have a special and unique pack that you all waited for a long time and is finally here. The truth is, it took us a while to select and make them glitter for you, but especially to shine IN your projects.

What makes them special is not only their abstract and gradient styles but as well, the size and the high resolution of these gorgeous backgrounds. So, for your knowledge the bundle is free for both commercial and personal purposes, the files are delivered in EPS format, each zipped in its’ own archive with a JPEG preview.


  • 75+ Unique & Exclusive Background available only on Mochideals
  • Gradient & Abstract Themed
  • High-resolution content
  • Files delivered in EPS files, zipped, with a JPEG preview
  • The files can be used for both personal and commercial purposes
  • Available for a limited time only


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