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49 Cherry Picked WordPress Themes in a Great Collection – Just One Click Away

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March 14, 2018 3510 Views Comments

About this deal

You plan to start a blog, and don’t know what to choose? Have no time to search for new and good-looking blog WordPress themes?! Think no more! Mochi handpicked the best 49 Blogging WordPress themes just for you!

On the internet, there are thousands of Blogging WordPress Themes, not all of them deserve your attention: expensive or cheap, cool or not, new or old you just waste time to choose and analyze your options.

By hitting the Download button, you will get forever free access to 49 gorgeous Blogging WordPress Themes.

Take a look what we have:

1. Bento

2. Nisarg

3. Site Origin unwind

4. Modernize

5. Hueman

6. Juno

7. Peaceful

8. Ajaira

9. Wisteria

10. Ribosome

11. Poseidon

12. Hemingway

13. Maxwell

14. Hit

15. Writee

16. Libretto

17. Verbosa

18. Flat

19. Lovecraft

20. Baskerville

21. Sanse

22. Magnus

23. Fashionistas

24. Admiral

25. Coral Dark

26. Barletta


28. Hiero

29. Zeal


31. Extant

32. Scratchpad

33. The Columnist

34. Satori

35. Nitro

36. WriterBlog

37. Illdy

38. Tecblogger

39. MadHat

40. Garfunkel

41. Author

42. Tempo

43. iFeature

44. Natural Lite

45. Responsive


47. iRibbon

48. Ignite

49. Responsive Mobile

We hope this bundle will help to find yourself in the huge and exciting world of blogging. But if you are looking for something more, take a look at other free WordPress themes we have.

Each of the mentioned publisher has it's own terms and services. We selected some of the best authors and tier FREE products related to the topic. Each WordPress Theme belongs and is the property of the authors that have been given credits to in this list. Please double check the Terms and Services before using, sharing, distributing the files included. The Authors of these files have full rights over the product they own. Note that some authors may have more than one article included in the main download file. However, this is digital good free to download under the GPL v3.0 (General Public License) Find more about GPL 3.0 license here:

Provided by Multiple Owners
Satoristudio, Mismith portfolio, Falguni Desai, Nicolas Guillaume, Smartcat, Josip Valtner, Rakib8373, WPFriendship, GalussoThemes, ThemeZee, Siteorigin, Anders Noren, ThemeHit, Scissor themes, Automattic, CryoutCreations,, Moozthemes, Sami Keijonen, Hugo Baeta, athemes, Coralthemes, By InkHive, Ben Sibley, Justin Tadlock, octavian, Kaira, Codeinwp, Silkalns, themepoints, CyberChimps, Organic Themes

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