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Let’s make money together.
50/50, like real partners.

Everyone says this, but we mean it – Let’s Make Money Together!

If you are an affiliate – kudos and big respect! We know how vital you are for most of the online businesses. Thanks to you, a lot of companies developed so rapidly and nice. Thanks to your smart strategies, content work, wise promotion, millions of Internet users discovered amazing products that they would never find out without you.

We understand that a business has 3 parts:

  1. Owner
  2. Client
  3. Partner

You, the affiliates, are our partners. When we make a dollar bill at the end of the day, we want to make sure you get your piece of cake with us. This is our philosophy. Simple as that.

We have seen everywhere the flashing messages “start earning today” or “make money from home” or “how I make $50K/mo without a job”, if that was only true. We will not say that. This is a fake message, a mislead.

However, partnering with us, you are very realistic on earning an additional $1500-3000/mo from the affiliate program we offer.

Mochideals offers probably one of the best Affiliate Programs on this market. We share with you 50/50 all our profit from your client! Everyone else gives you between 10% to 20%.

For example:

  1. Your client purchase a deal from us with $49
  2. We pay the publisher 50% from it, which is $24,5 to him
  3. Now we have $24,5 for us and you
  4. We split it 50/50 with you, so that you get instantly $12,25 from this sale

I will not show you the absurd and generic message you are pissed and tired of, like “make 10k sales you and earn $122,500”. No! Make 122 sales a month, which is 4 sales/day and you already have $1,500/mo. Depending on your traffic and talent to promote Mochideals, you can realistically double these numbers:

  • 8 sales a day
  • $3,000/mo profit for you

These numbers are based on our existing partners (that is how we prefer to call the affiliates). This is the monthly average our well performing affiliates are doing today with us.

Who is the perfect candidate to be our partner

We prefer calling you partner though

You have a nice website

If you have a website, blog, forum related to design, development, management, freelancing, marketing, growth-hacking

You got your readers

If your website has some decent traffic and your readers will enjoy our products and services

You want to bring added value to your visitors

If you want to lift your audience, to give them high-end content the next hour, so that they can stick to your website and return more often to find what’s new today

4min setup. We give you the widget

We are providing you our own widget, that you will embed to your website and have everything stylized and ready to be used the next moment. No coding needed, but a huge added value for your audience. They will love it.

You have a WordPress Theme Club

The WordPress theme clubs – ideal partners. When your client purchases your theme, on the thank you page, you will post the widget that we will provide you and as an added value, your clients will get sets of icons, background images, plugins, fonts, etc. They will love your “Amazon Style” business, having everything on one place, handpicked and high-end.

You want to make money

Why to hide it? We all have a passion or two, but we all also love to have a good life. A nice car, a cool house, a pool, fine dining and often vacation. So do we and you. Let’s connect than!

Become our affiliate